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It's important to feel safe and comfortable when you're learning to befriend yourself, so I'm happy to offer counselling in-person or online. You're welcome to join me at the Thrive Downtown clinic in the Rogers Building (map below). As your health is our priority, distance and hygiene practices have been implemented. Or if you enjoy the convenience and comfort of home, you can choose to have your sessions over Zoom. 

To Schedule a Consultation or Book a Session 

To arrange a free and brief phone consultation or schedule a session, please click on this link  

In-person and online: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2pm to 8pm 

I can also be reached at:
Tel: (778)-807-6065
Session Rates
Individual counselling is 50 minutes at a rate of $140 + $6.5 GST ($146.50 total)

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